Superfit® Technology

It doesn’t matter how expensive or beautifully designed your ring is- if it rolls, twists, turns, or is difficult to remove- your ring doesn’t fit.

With a patented and virtually invisible hinge and latch design, Superfit®   allows your ring to open and close securely with a “Click of confidence”. This provides a custom fit at the base of the finger, rather than having your ring oversized to accommodate your knuckle.

For over 20 years, Superfit® has been preferred by fine jewelers around the world for the ultimate in comfort, versatility, and reliability. Superfit® has helped hundreds of thousands of people rediscover the beauty of their treasured jewelry with the seamless addition of Superfit® Technology. There are no more limitations on wearing your ring due to arthritis, sports injuries, pregnancy, weather and temperature changes, medications, or fluid imbalances.

Your precious ring, regardless of age, style, or design can be transformed with Superfit® Technology. Visit your authorized Superfit® dealer to experience, firsthand, how safe, secure, and easy this sizing system can be. Whether it is a championship ring or your engagement ring- it signifies something special to you. You deserve to have your ring custom fit so you are able to truly enjoy your ring each day without struggling to place it on or remove it- no matter what your lifestyle.